Kyle Argueta: Reflecting and looking ahead

Almost a year ago, Kyle Argueta joined our firm as an intern. Though he was still exploring various potential career paths available to communications graduates, he quickly took to the strategic communications work we do every day. He ultimately decided to pursue a career more tightly focused on publications or education, and recently departed us to finish his last semester at Trinity University. We're going to be watching and cheering as this outstanding young man take his next steps forward. The post below is Kyle's summation of his time with us.  

- Eric Whittington

Anxious about landing an off-campus internship, I took to the web and started a job search that lasted way too long into the night. As I clicked and sifted through countless company websites, I quickly noticed that the credentials and requirements for those open positions seemed to be of NASA caliber. To avoid facing the reality of the ultra-competitive workforce that I was soon obligated to join, I closed my laptop and tried to fall asleep. I was greeted by a pleasant surprise the next morning. In my inbox was an email from a professor who shared a posting about a local PR firm looking for eager and talented interns. I did research on the firm and liked what I saw. I decided to put myself out there and apply. Little did I know that responding to that email was going to change the trajectory of my professional life.

 My time at The Whittington Group was a fantastic experience filled with opportunities that few entry-level job holders, let alone interns, get to be part of. Still growing as a firm, the Whittington Group welcomed new talent and ideas, and invested in their workers, including me (the intern). However, I never felt like “the intern.” My role at the firm required more than fetching coffee and faxing documents. I was quickly immersed into the busy, ever-changing atmosphere that came with this line of work. Being part of a small staff meant that all of us would have to wear multiple hats and juggle a variety of assignments. Up for the challenge, I hit the ground running and tackled what came my way with gusto. While there were a few assignments and tasks that came down the pipeline, I never felt overwhelmed or under appreciated. My supervisors, Eric and Casey, made great efforts to explain the significance of each assignment and graciously extended their help when needed. The attention to detail that was placed on assignment description and feedback motivated me to produce quality work, and reinforced a level of professionalism that I respected and in which I took pride.  

Each day at work was dynamic, and offered something different. One day I would be drafting a press release and the next day I would be networking at an event, while simultaneously capturing clips for a video package. Never the same and constantly changing, my robust role required me to learn about the different sectors that our clients represented. It’s was my thirst for learning and proactive attitude that not only kept me at the firm, but contributed to my promotion as Account Executive. 

I believe that The Whittington Group has propelled my professional career in more ways than one. The Whittington Group has helped me sharpen my written and networking skills, and has given me opportunities to advance. I was constantly encouraged to give personal insight on projects and had multiple opportunities to sit in marketing and communication meetings with our clients.  As such, I garnered many valuable connections since my time at the firm and have been privilege to work with some of San Antonio’s biggest “movers and shakers.” The opportunities that were placed in front of me allowed me to grow as a worker and person.

As I move forward in my professional career, I now have the confidence to consider those intimidating job positions I once feared, because The Whittington Group has prepared me with the skills and experiences needed to succeed.

-Kyle Argueta