Twitter's New Calendar of Major Events: What it Means

Hear that?

That is the sound of social media managers celebrating the newest social media marketing tool released by Twitter.

Introducing, the calendar of major events! I know, it needs a catchier name.

It’s just a calendar. So what?

Au contraire, my friend. The calendar highlights major events coming in the next month, as well as the projected volume of tweets per event.

Now you know exactly when the best times to tweet and the major events that coincide!

While this might not seem like a big deal, the overall benefit to marketing and social media directors is massive. We all know reach is one of the biggest metrics, and Twitter just told us how to optimize.

Not every event is going to be right for your brand. Your audience (and desired audience) might not be engaged with every major event, but now it is much easier to identify the right ones.

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Casey Whittington