Supporting next-gen entrepreneurs

TheWhittington Group just signed an agreement to provide in-kind support to the winners of a twice-a-year, $100,000 competition for aspiring entrepreneurs at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  Starting with the spring 2014 competition, we’ll provide the winners of the Student Technology Venture Competition with an introductory package of marketing and public relations services at no charge.  Services could include brand and marketing strategies, investor materials, social media programs, press releases, media relations or other related work.

We decided to support the competition, managed by the UTSA Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (CITE), because we believe so strongly in the power of entrepreneurship and in the university overall.  UTSA is not only one of the fastest growing universities in Texas, now with more than 31,000 students, but is seriously committed to nurturing aspiring technology entrepreneurs through the CITE program. 

To review the winners of CITE’s previous $100K competitions is to see the future and tech in San Antonio.  Leto Solutions, for example, has created a system that reduces the problems artificial limb users often experience with sweating between their skin and the prosthesis.  Lapara Medical has created a breakthrough, life-saving laparoscopic cooling system for tumor removal surgeries involving kidneys and kidney transplants.

These are the kinds of companies that have the potential to create high-paying jobs, attract like-minded scientific and engineering talent to San Antonio, and spin off future companies as the young entrepreneurs parlay one success into another and another.  In short, the CITE program and the companies it spawns have the potential to transform the city’s economy. 

That’s thinking big.  But we’ve become accustomed to UTSA having big ideas and following through with big commitment. 

A tip of the hat to the Texas Research and Technology Foundation for leading the charge as the founding sponsor of the $100K competition.  The Whittington Group is thrilled to be a part of this great adventure.