Our first blog topic: Thank you

The Whittington Group is barely two weeks old, but thosefirst two weeks have reminded me how grateful I am for so many great friends. 

In those two weeks, I persuaded two gifted professionals – Sharon Garcia and Dave Duggins – to join me in this new enterprise.   They are both great friends and great talents and add immeasurable depth to our list of capabilities.

In that short time, we’ve also taken on two clients, with a third one contacting us today about an urgent project we’ll start next week.  And more friends and colleagues than we can count have encouraged us with heartfelt words of support and assurance. 

For someone who has spent a lifetime working with words, it is difficult now to find the right ones.  Humbled, appreciative and honored come to mind. 

We look forward to many more great things to come. Thanks to all who have already helped us make a great start. 

                                                                                                –       Eric Whittington