Your phone as social media tool

We’re 100 percent supportive of harnessing the social media phenomenon as a business tool.  But we want to expand the list of things considered to be social media channels.  

Here’s a shocker: The phone is a social media channel.  Not just the Facebook or Twitter app on your smart phone. We’re talking about the actual phone – that thing you can use to talk back and forth with another real human. 

When we launched The Whittington Group, it’s true we blasted the news out via the usual social media channels.  But for the folks we consider to be close friends, we did it the old fashioned way: We called them on the phone.  Or, to go really old school, we talked with them face to face – without any electronic assistance of any kind! 

And you know what happened?  A couple of them immediately became clients.  No doubt the personal contact had an impact.  The lesson here isn’t just, “Phone and in-person communications still have value.”  We all know that intuitively. It’s also a reminder about segmenting your network and making sure you give extra special treatment to your biggest supporters and most enthusiastic fans. 

An email blast or a post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., is fine.  But it’s worth the extra time it takes to nurture relationships with your closest allies by picking up the phone or seeing them face to face.  Try it and see what happens.