Persistence, patience and winning the lotto

A former client of mine was appointed this week to a fairly high-profile statewide position by Texas Governor Rick Perry.  The news served as an important reminder that PR goals sometimes take a while to happen. 

The effort to get the appointment started about 18 months ago.  The client wanted such an appointment partly to provide a service to the state.  But a major point of the whole thing was to raise her profile, which, in turn, gives her a boost as she pursues new business for her own company. After all, now she gets to market herself not only as a capable business person, but also an important state official.

But when we first discussed the idea, she had virtually no political connections and was quite invisible on the radar of major political players. 

So, we had to start from scratch.  That meant introducing her to some key figures in Texas GOP politics, making sure she began to be seen at the right events and successfully nominating her for big-time national awards to increase her profile.  And, yes, writing a few checks to Republican organizations and candidates to prove she was serious.  Ultimately, this all led to submitting an official nomination package to the Governor’s Office.

None of which was quick or easy.  Relationships take time to blossom. Visibility has to grow over time – not too fast, not too slow.  Persistence and patience are both critical.

Going from zero to state appointment in a year and a half is actually a fairly rapid clip. And all the time and effort proved to be worthwhile.  As we all know, if you want to win the lottery, you gotta play the lottery.     - Eric Whittington