Content reigns supreme in the social media era

Digiday, an excellent news and information site for communications geeks, posted an article last week making the case that “PR” firms are in a position to take on a bigger role in creating branded content for their clients.  The premise is that because social media are taking on more and more responsibility for influencing consumers (at the expense of traditional advertising), these social media channels demand meatier content.  And that’s where PR firms excel. 

It’s a valid point.  Traditional advertising, including shop-worn vehicles like broadcast TV and radio commercials, and print ads in magazines and newspapers, has seen its impact decline sharply in the social media age.  And the creative firms that grew to giant proportions in the years before the social media phenomenon don’t have the kind of content chops that PR firms have developed over many years. 

That ability to develop and leverage serious content as a means to build and strengthen brands transfers quite nicely to the social media world, where consumers of all types demand meaningful information and shun hype and slogans.  In short, the skills necessary to develop deep, well-researched content for a 1,000-word article are just as useful in crafting a blog post, a tweet or a Facebook page. 

All of this speaks directly to why we describe The Whittington Group as a strategic communications firm rather than simply a PR agency.  Because we focus first on the message, the story and the facts – in other words, the content.  Content, not hype, is what today’s extremely savvy customers demand, no matter how or where they seek it.  

All hail the king, whose name is content.