Why We Love Public Affairs, and You Should, Too

Remember your old government teacher, telling you that you should be concerned about every level of politics around you? And remember how much you did not care? We are here to change that...a little.

In the never ending news cycle, it is infinitely easier to be involved in local and state level politics. Want to know which city council member voted on the new zoning ordinance? Good news, Google has you covered. Want to know why you can’t walk your dog facing westward on Sundays in April? While hypothetical, it would be easy to find out how that came into existence.

But availability of information is not the sole reason we love public affairs. We love it because it constantly shapes the community in which we live and the people we interact with every day. We love it because we have the ability to influence public opinion. Moving the needle in a public opinion debate is incredibly difficult but also incredibly rewarding.

Public affairs does not have to center around a hot-button issue either. Swaying public opinion BEFORE the issue is splattered all over the Sunday Times is a much more effective method.

At the local level, almost everyone has the ability to affect the outcome of an issue. So much cannot be said for national level name-calling...I mean politics. You do not need a law degree, an encyclopedia and an endless thirst for C-SPAN to play a role. So, get out there and change the local landscape, but only if allowed by your local city council.

Why do we love public affairs? Because of the accessibility, the ability to quantify your efforts, and the challenge. And you should, too.