Reflection, anticipation as 2015 ends


My thoughts on the year about to end and the one about to begin aren’t likely to stand out among the countless other writings on the same basic subject that you are likely to see in the coming days. It actually makes me wonder what compels so many folks to undertake this sort of reflective exercise at the same time each year.

It seems to be a basic human instinct to look backward and forward at this time of year. Like singing Auld Lang Syne off key or wishing we’d put a few more bucks into a retirement nest egg before the ball drops at Times Square. Sigh…

Like a lot of folks, looking back on the year comes with mixed emotions and a truckload of “Hope I learned my lesson” thoughts. 

But in the end, it’s been a great year.  The Whittington Group celebrated its second anniversary, which many new businesses never see, unfortunately. In a few months, we’ll celebrate our third anniversary. The North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce recognized us as their New Business of the Year, a truly humbling honor.

The San Antonio Business Journal’s annual list of the largest PR firms in the city ranked us No. 13, up from No. 24 a year earlier.

Our own Casey Whittington had a huge breakout year. He completed the North San Antonio Chamber’s Leadership Lab program and was asked to help manage the program in 2016. And the CPS Energy Board of Directors appointed him to the utility’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee, to which he was nominated by San Antonio City Councilman Mike Gallagher.

The firm continued our amazing business relationships with a roster of clients we are honored to serve. And several new ones came on board during the year. Our clients now have us working in a wide range of industries including real estate development, commercial construction, financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, education, economic development and others.

We strived daily to live up to the central focus of our client relationships – results are all that matter. And we did, indeed, produce some amazing results in many ways for our clients.

All of which leads to the other half of this reflection – looking forward. As 2015 closes, we have no reason to be anything but optimistic for 2016. We have a list of clients who believe in what we do. We’ve earned a reputation for results. The economy seems relatively solid, albeit with notable problems in some industries. On balance, the future looks bright.

A heartfelt thanks to all who have supported us since our launch in March 2013. Cheers to you and to the new year!

-          Eric Whittington