Looking for the good in others

I had a friend, a mentor really, in my life years ago who lived his life finding the good in other people. He made it his mission to remind those he met in life about the really wonderful things inside us all. As I was reading a blog post written by someone else recently, my mind went to Jim and all his simple wisdom.

The things he reminded people of weren’t thunderous, clattering, loud announcements. They were modest things, like how caring about a person or a small gesture made a great difference in the outlook of another person.

As we go through our daily lives, we sometimes forget to treasure the little things in life and their importance. Have you ever been on an elevator with another person who gives you a compliment? Even such a little thing can have a great effect on someone’s mood or outlook. A warm smile from someone, a genuine statement of a job well done – these things can lift on wings a spirit that has been trampled on by a day in the life.

Looking for the good in others does so much for so many. It makes the person given the pat on the back feel worthy and accomplished. And it makes the giver of the pat feel generous and benevolent. And, I hope, both will want to share those feelings with others.

Do yourself a favor: Take a moment and reach out to a friend or colleague and let them know something good about who they are or what they have done. Even if it’s only a small thing, it can make a big difference to you both.

-          Larisa Langley