Want to attract millennials? Stop calling them the ‘M’ word


Lazy, entitled, and wishing to be in the C suite in the next five minutes.This is what many people think of when they hear the word “millennial.” As it turns out, those within the age-range of the so called millennial generation hate the word as well.

A recent study produced by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that over one third of the members of the millennial generation react negatively when the term is used to describe them or their generation.

Source: Public Religion Research Institute

Think about it. Who uses the word “millennial?” Often it is some marketer trying to explain how to sell something, or someone speaking down to the age-bracket. Try to remember the last time you heard an actual millennial (an individual who reached young adulthood around the year 2000) use the word.

As a member of said generation, I too feel contempt for the word. Yes, some of us have college degrees and still work as baristas. And, yes, some of us live at home past the age of 25 (not me, thankfully.) But many of us are advancing through career fields and managing to live on our own.

Overall, the word has developed a connotation of failure and entitlement. So the next time you want to reach the generation I belong to without repelling at least one third of us, try some synonyms for young person!


  • Case Whittington