Three questions you need to ask your 'social media guru'


Many offices have a “young hot-shot” who takes on the social media responsibilities for the company. While they may be eager, they may not be the correct individual for the job. Especially if they refer to themselves as a guru.  Keep in mind that while this approach may be a cost effective method of tweeting, posting, pinning and the like, the process is could hurt your brand. With that in mind, here are three questions you should ask anyone who is running your social media accounts:


1.      What is the goal? – In reality, this should be questions 1-10, but I digress. When posting, commenting, pinning and tweeting, everything should be according to the goals that company leaders approved in advance. What you want to avoid is a big surprise. While your guru  may have the best of intentions, your brand is what is most important here. Having goals laid out beforehand encourages everyone to come together and decide what is best for the company and makes the process a collaborative effort.

2.      Is there a calendar? – Having a calendar ensures that everyone knows what is happening well in advance. This take the guesswork out of posting to social media. Identifying the best times and topics to post about will lead your calendar in the right direction. A calendar also allows you to plan for major holidays or events that may be coming up, and capitalizing on the trends that will occur at those times.

3.      What are their qualifications? – Without trying to sound condescending, always ask the person in charge what their qualifications are for posting on behalf of the company. Simply answering with “well, I am always on Facebook” is not acceptable and will only lead to headaches. Posting for an individual and posting for a company are completely different and need to be approached as such. Growing up in the social media age does not equal qualifications. Since the world of social media constantly changing, it is a good idea to put someone in charge who is immersed in social media for businesses all the time.


All of these are aimed at two goals. Protecting your brand and limiting the surprises. In today’s world businesses cannot afford to diminish the importance of social media, so please tread lightly and remember that there are no dumb questions.

- Case Whittington