Reawakening a Fortune 200 Brand

The scenario:  A 75-year-old financial services powerhouse has grown so far flung in its array of products and services that the brand has become diluted.  Customers are increasingly unable to identify anything special that makes the company stand out from a crowded field of competitors.

The solution: Complete a comprehensive audit of the brand, including focus groups, competitive analysis, quantitative research and interviews with numerous executives and employees. Identify the attributes that most strongly differentiate the company from its competition.

Result: The company rediscovers its core DNA.  The audit reveals that 75 years of growth had gradually buried a brand position that no major competitor could begin to claim -- that the company understood, in a way no other company could, the unique needs and challenges of customers whose families are closely tied to military service.  After 15 years, the strategy that emerged from this exercise is still in use.