Results are all that matter.

Why do our clients choose The Whittington Group?  Why do they stay with us? Because we focus on one thing: results.

We've been planning and executing communications and public relations strategies for a long time. Long enough to know that our clients rightfully expect us to deliver on our commitments.  We take that expectation very seriously. And we hold ourselves accountable to a high standard: Results are all that matter. 

Whether we're developing a brand identity, creating marketing materials, executing a social media program, drafting a press release, placing an op-ed article or any other communications or PR strategy, we strive to deliver more than expected.  Every time.  That's why clients choose us. It's also why they stay with us.  

Results aren't just something we talk about. They are what drive us every day.  Want proof?  Just give us a call. We'd be glad to send you some of the letters and emails we've received from our clients.  Like us, they know that results are all that matter.