Potentially Devastating Legislation                 Killed in Austin

The scenario: A financial services company is under siege from opponents seeking to legislate it out of business. The company's foes try to build a narrative that our client's industry is taking advantage of the poor by issuing unnecessary loans. And they're filing bills in Austin that would make it virtually impossible for our client -- indeed, an entire industry -- to operate.  

The solution: We tap into the deep well of good will our client has with its customers. Many of them have compelling stories about how our client helped them resolve debts and avoid losing their homes. We connect these powerful testimonials with our contacts in the news media across Texas. We also call attention to our client's eagerness to set the pace for the industry regarding fair and ethical treatment of customers.

Result: Numerous positive accounts of what our client does and how it helps homeowners appear in major news outlets across the state. Anti-industry legislation is dead on arrival. Consumers are the ultimate winners.