Social Media dominates the world we live in. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just the start, and your business (and you!) need to engage. Whether your goal is brand building, event promotion, lead generation or sales, we have you covered.

The Process: We start with an audit of your existing channels. Don’t have any social media profiles? We’ll do that. We also look at your competition and determine how we are going to differentiate you. This is where we use our fancy tools and gadgets to peak behind the curtains. And our experience to make sense of what we find.

After the audit, we present our findings to you. This includes where you stand and where we can take you. Along with your results, we fill you in on how your competition is doing. And how to beat them.

The Plan: Now that we know where you want to (and should) be, we’ll put together a plan to get you there. This is the most important step, and one in which you will be deeply involved. We create posting schedules and have you approve/fact check our posts. This step allows us to project and beat your competitors to the punch.

Implementation: Now that we have done our homework and developed a plan, it’s game time. We love running accounts (just don’t call us accountants). Or you can handle the implementation. Your call.

Metrics: Social media impact is measurable.  We’re glad to be accountable because we know how to get meaningful results.  We’ll track our impact and cheer along with you as we watch the needle move higher and higher. 

Social media is no longer an option. You know that. Get to know us. Ask us for specific social media case studies on our clients.  And put us to #work because #resultsareallthatmatter.